BMW Wireless Chargers Are Causing Issues With iPhone 15s!

Apple says the BMW wireless chargers are causing issues with iPhone 15s. The users have been reporting the issue regarding their iPhone 15’s NFC not working correctly with BMW’s car wireless chargers. However, Apple has not addressed the problem yet. But they are planning to do some things to resolve this issue soon. According to MacRumors, a software update later this year will prevent several in-car wireless chargers from turning off iPhone 15s NFC chips. 

What Apple Says About BMW Wireless Chargers:

BMW Wireless Chargers

Apple states that until we fix this critical issue, they recommend that people not use these wireless chargers in their cars. However, many users complain about the problems using multiple platforms, such as Reddit, the Apple support community, and MacRumors’ forums. However, BMW seems to acknowledge the issue, and the company is trying to resolve it. Additionally, on their BMW UK X account, they replied that the company is investigating this issue and will soon mitigate it. 

There are no simple ways to identify which models are incompatible with the iPhone 15’s NFC chips. Apple has also issued an internal memo to authorized service providers regarding wireless phone chargers. However, the BMW and Toyota Supra models may temporarily turn off the NFC capabilities when charging the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, or iPhone 15 Pro Max. Therefore, if you have a BMW or Toyota Supra with wireless chargers, we recommend using them when the problem is resolved. 

Apple Acknowledges the BMW Wireless Chargers Issue:

BMW Wireless Chargers

Apple acknowledges that the BMW wireless chargers fail to charge the iPhone 15 series. Additionally, they are working to resolve the issue later this year. However, there are plenty of complaints about the BMW wireless chargers from users that their iPhone 15s NFC chips failed when using car wireless chargers. 

Error Messages:

Users have expressed their concerns about BMW wireless chargers interfering with Apple Pay and the BMW digital key feature. The affected users receive a “Could Not Set Up Apple Pay” error message in the Wallet app. There is no option to remove it. Some customers say Apple replaced their iPhones after confirming the NFC chip failed. However, the replacement iPhone is susceptible to the same problem, so there currently needs to be a permanent solution.

Bottom Line:

Apple confirms an issue with BMW wireless chargers when working with the iPhone 15 series. However, the developers at BMW are working hard to resolve the issue, but there is still no update on the subject. For more about wireless charging and Apple product updates, keep visiting Blogging Hut


Q1: What is the issue with the iPhone 15’s NFC chips and BMW wireless chargers?

A: The BMW in-car wireless charger is causing problems with the iPhone 15’s NFC chips. This causes issues with Apple Pay and the BMW digital key feature.

Q2: What has Apple said about this issue?

A: Apple acknowledges the complaints and says a software update will be released later this year to address the issue.

Q3: What does Apple advise its customers?

A: The user should only use the in-car charging facilities in the BMW and Toyota Supra once the issue is resolved.

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