Google Meet Includes Beauty Effects for Video Calls!

Google Meet will now be available with exciting skin-smoothing and teeth-whitening effects for video calls or conferences. Google launches new portrait touch-up modes for its video conferencing platform, Google Meet. However, this new portrait touch-up mode is available on mobile devices, but it will be available by the end of 2023 on the web.

This feature enables users to make light cosmetic adjustments through skin smoothing and teeth-whitening abilities. Additionally, the extended rollout to all the accounts will begin on October 28, 2023. According to Google sources, it was a highly requested feature that enabled users to apply beauty effects during video calls. Therefore, the wait in a Google workspace is finally over, as Google announces the release of this feature. 

Portrait Modes in Google Meet for Video Calls:

Google Meet

Subtle” and “Smoothing are the two available modes in Google Meet that can enhance your video call experience. If you want light cosmetic adjustments, then you can switch to “subtle” mode. Whereas if you want more cosmetic features such as teeth whitening, under-eye lighting, or overall complexion smoothing, then “smoothing” is best. However, if you didn’t choose a mode, this feature is designed to offer you light touch-ups. Additionally, the portrait touch-up features remain switched off by default, which you can enable in the Google Meet settings. This feature will change the user experience, and you will be more confident and comfortable while making video calls and conferencing.

Premium Google Accounts for Video Calls: Google Meet

Google Meet

Currently, the feature is only available to Premium Google accounts, such as Business Plus, Business Standard, Enterprise Essential, Educational Plus, Google Workspace, and Google One. However, the portrait touch-up feature is currently unavailable to users with a personal Google account.

Popularity of Facial Filters:

The popularity of facial filters and smoothing effects in video-related applications such as Instagram, TikTok, and Bigo Live prompted Google to include such features in its video call service. Therefore, Google introduces the beauty of its video conferencing platform. However,  Google competitors such as Zoom and Microsoft Team have already added these features to their applications. Furthermore, this feature will encourage users who are hesitant to participate in a call because they believe they are unsuitable. Thus, the introduction of portrait touch-up modes in Google Meet will address the growing demand for cosmetic adjustments during video calls.

Bottom Line:

The increasing demand for facial fillers encourages Google to add beauty effects to its video call services. However, this feature is currently available for premium users and operates in two different modes, such as subtle and soothing. Both modes have their own specifications and limitations. The addition of beauty features will enhance your overall video call and conferencing experience. For a critical, detailed review of Google Meet’s new features and trending updates, keep visiting Blogging Hut.

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