A Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Monitor : Tips and Tricks

Where are you looking right now? You are looking nowhere else but at your monitor. According to online statistics, the majority of the world’s population watches the monitor more than anything else in the world.

Did this make you laugh? But that’s the reality, as the world has been digitalized and most businesses and industries have been computerized. Today, everyone, wherever they are, will be staring at their monitors. Selecting the right screen for you can be intimidating because this has become a crucial component of our daily lives. But you need not be worried at all; in this blog post, we will be discussing the tips and tricks for a smooth purchase of monitors.

But before we jump into this technological river, let us share some professional tips you might like. Eccentric Professionals Limited has created an online store to purchase printers, laptops, and other items. So you can check them out to get your desired product. Let’s begin with buying your next display without making any mistakes. You need to take care of the objects listed below:

A Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Monitor:

  • Resolution
  • Refresh Rate
  • Panel Type
  • Size
  • Connectivity
  • Price


MonitorThe resolution of a monitor determines the sharpness and clarity of the image. A higher resolution means more pixels, resulting in a clearer image. The resolution is the number of pixels it displays on a screen. Usually, the resolution is measured from width to height. You might have observed that all the devices, LCDs, and LEDs come in a wider size than in higher resolution. If you want to buy with great resolutions, then you must have a look at the collection at Eccentric Professionals Limited.


Refresh Rate of a Monitor:

MonitorThe refresh rate of a monitor is measured in hertz (Hz) and determines how many times the image on the screen is refreshed per second. There is a relationship between resolution and refresh rate. Usually, it comes with a 60Hz refresh rate, but some are available with 144Hz, 240Hz, and 360Hz refresh rates. A higher refresh rate, on the other hand, can produce a smoother image, especially in fast-paced games and videos.

Panel Type of Monitor:

MonitorWhen choosing the panel of your monitor, you must be very specific because there are numerous manufacturers making monitors using various techniques these days. Initially, only twisted-nematic (TN) panels were used before being replaced by in-plane switching (IPS) screens. IPS panels are known for their wide viewing angles and accurate colors, while TN panels have faster response times and are more affordable. Additionally, we have another panel type, VA panels; these panels are more expensive than TN and IPS panels. If you are looking for affordable monitors, visiting Eccentric Professionals Limited will benefit you.


MonitorAnother crucial aspect to take into account is its size. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. The size is entirely up to you; you can choose the size based on your preferences. A larger size can be great for multitasking or gaming, but a smaller may be more suitable for a small desk or space. However, it typically ranges in size from 20 inches to 70 inches and beyond.


MonitorEnsure it has the correct ports for connecting to your computer or other devices.

It is essential to check the available ports and ensure they are compatible with the computer or other devices you plan to connect. HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB are popular connectors that connect computers and other devices.



Setting a budget is an essential step in the purchasing process. The prices can vary greatly depending on factors such as size, features, and brand. It’s essential to research and compare different options within your budget to find the best monitor that meets your needs and preferences. Remember that cheaper monitors may have fewer features or a lower resolution, while expensive monitors may have additional features or a higher resolution.

Bottom Line:

Investigating these factors and comparing different options can help ensure that you have a monitor that meets your needs while remaining within your budget. If you are still unsure about your choice, you can look through our  collection at Eccentric Professionals Limited, which includes everything from printers to computers and everything else you might require. Our categories for IT products will not disappoint you. What are you waiting for? Don’t delay; shop today!

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