Numerous Surface Models will Receive Updates for Six Years!

Microsoft promises to provide at least six years of updates for many Surface models. However, Microsoft increases the update validity from four years to six years. According to Microsoft, the Surface models that have been shipped after January 1st, 2021, will receive six years of driver and firmware updates. The information was shared in a Microsoft support document presented by Windows Central. In addition, Microsoft initially committed that it would only support devices for four years from when they first came out. 

Surface Models Will Receive Updates:

Surface Models

The surface models that will receive updates for up to six years are:

  1. Surface Pro 9
  2. Surface Pro 8
  3. Surface Pro 7 Plus
  4. Surface Laptop 5
  5. Surface Laptop 4 
  6. Surface Go 4
  7. Surface Laptop Go 3
  8. Surface Go 3
  9. Surface Laptop Studio 2 
  10. Surface Laptop Go 2
  11. Surface Studio 2 Plus
  12. Surface Laptop Studio
  13. Surface Laptop SE
  14. Surface Pro X Wi-Fi

Surface Models

All the above-mentioned Surface PCs will receive software updates for up to six years, which was initially up to four years. Additionally, Microsoft made a generous move by offering 10 years of automatic updates to Chromebooks released in 2021. However, this will encourage all tech companies to extend their product update policies, as Microsoft did.

Bottom Line:

Microsoft plans to offer an extended six-year warranty on some of its Surface models. However, the other surface models will stick to their four-year update policy, according to Microsoft. For more information about Surface models and Microsoft updates, keep visiting Blogging Hut.


Q1. Which Surface model will receive updates for six years from Microsoft?

The Surface models that will receive updates for up to six years are the Surface Pro 9, Surface Pro 8, Surface Pro 7 Plus, Surface Laptop 5, Surface Laptop 4, and Surface Go 4. Additionally, Surface Laptop Go 3, Surface Laptop Studio 2, Surface Laptop Go 2, Surface Studio 2 Plus, Surface Laptop Studio, Surface Laptop SE, and Surface Pro X Wi-Fi.

Q2. What is the update validity period for these Surface models, and why does Microsoft extend it?

These Surface models will receive updates for six years, an extension from the initial four-year support period. So, Microsoft extended the update validity to provide longer support and improve the user experience.

Q3. Are there any specific requirements to receive these extended updates for Surface devices?

Surface models that were shipped after January 1, 2021, are eligible to receive the extended update period. Devices released before this date may not receive extended support.

Q4. What types of updates will be included in the six-year support period?

The updates provided by Microsoft during the six-year support period include driver and firmware updates, ensuring that these Surface models remain secure and perform optimally.

Q5. How does Microsoft’s extended update policy compare to other tech companies?

Microsoft’s decision to extend updates to six years is a generous move. However, it aligns with the growing trend of offering longer support for devices, as seen with Chromebooks, which receive 10 years of automatic updates for those released in 2021. This move may encourage other tech companies to extend their product update policies.

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