Photo Sphere Mode Is No Longer Available on Google Pixel Phones

Google has finally announced that it will remove the “photosphere” mode from Google Camera 9.1. However, this ends an era of eleven years of capturing a full 360-degree view of your surroundings. Photo Sphere enables you to capture multiple images and then arrange them together to create a seamless panoramic effect. Additionally, it was a simple way to create immersive memories of your surroundings. 

However, the spheres were viewable on Google Cardboard headsets and uploaded to Google Maps. But this feature has been removed from the latest Google Camera app version for the Pixel 8 series and still exists in older versions. Furthermore, the future of the Photo Sphere in older versions is still uncertain. However, it was impressive at its launch but could not offer high-quality results. Additionally, it failed to attract the attention of the users. So, it has been removed from the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro series in Google Camera 9.1. 

Photo Sphere is Still Available:


Photo Sphere

Google has not announced an official explanation about the removal of Photo Sphere, but it is still available on older versions. Furthermore, it is unclear whether they will remove the photosphere from earlier models when Google updates its Camera 9.1. However, plenty of users might not be aware of the feature, and it hasn’t received any significant updates over the years. Thus, the removal of the Photo Sphere feature suggests that Google is emphasizing other camera features for its Pixel Phones  

What 9to5 Google Says:

Photo Sphere

According to 9to5Google, after ruling for nearly 10 years, Google has decided to remove the “Photo Sphere” mode for Pixel phones. However, this will affect the Pixel 8 series Google camera. However, it has been an impressive feature since its launch in 2012, and it has the potential to improve its position due to inaccessible updates. 

Google has removed Photo Sphere from the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro as part of Google Camera 9.1. Additionally, Google confirmed the removal of Android Authority but hasn’t given any explanation yet. However, right now, it’s uncertain why Google has removed this incredible feature; it was working well. Moreover, it was unable to gain the attention of the users over the past years. The important thing is to notice that the feature is still available on older Pixel phones, such as the Pixel Fold 7, etc. Additionally, Google Camera 9.1 is yet to roll out on the older Pixel devices, so we will wait and watch what happens to the older devices. 

Bottom Line:

Google just shut down the Photo Sphere feature on its Google Pixel phones. However, Google has not provided an explanation for the removal. Moreover, the feature is still available on older Pixel devices. Therefore, we need to wait until Google makes any updates about it. 

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